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    We Teach DATA Joint Staff Training

    We Teach DATA Joint Staff Training

    In the second half of March 2023 there was conducted a training of the expert team members responsible for the development of the learning and training content within the We Teach DATA project.

    The training was organised and hosted by our partners from the UPT university, which offered a diverse, attractive and useful programme, especially in terms of the upcoming project activities. The coverage of topics involved the Concept of Data Science and the advantages of its use, the Evolution and Application of Decision Support Systems (DSS), the Techniques and methods of data analysis, the Descriptive Statistics, the Fundamental Concepts and Advantages of data visualisation tools and others. The training also included a practical component, during which our colleagues were solving various problems by using Excel and Power BI.

    The trainees – two persons from each partner organisation, had an extraordinary opportunity to obtain or upgrade their knowledge on Data Science, to discuss different approaches in the teaching of Data Science at schools as well as to agree on the strategy for the development of the first tangible project output – the We Teach DATA School Box, a set of learning materials for pre-secondary level students.

    The training intentionally has been planned to take place in the beginning of the project, as one of the specific objectives was to align the knowledge and competences of the experts who thereafter would involve as in the development of the learning content, which requires teamwork. In addition, while spending four days together, our colleagues had the chance to communicate informally and socialize, which also contributed to the team building.

    The participants in the Joint Staf Training assessed the activity very high while most of them noted that it was extremely useful with the view of the upcoming within the We Teach DATA project activities. All trainees with no exceptions were positive that their participation in the activity was an experience which would enhance their confidence in work with international projects and multicultural teams, which in turn would contribute to their professional development.

    Author: camenscic