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    “STEM Centres and Innovations in Education” project (Bulgaria)

    The National STEM Centre under the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science and the Executive Agency “Education Programme” announced the formal signature of the grant agreement for the implementation of the STEM Centres and Innovations in Education project. The initiative is being funded by the Next Generation EU programme of the European Union.

    The ambition of the project team is to build a national STEM education eco-system through establishment of STEM centres at three levels – one at national, three at regional and over 2000 at school level.

    The National STEM Centre will function as a central unit for development and piloting of integrate content, models, methodology and toolkits to support STEM education, aimed at both teachers and students. The project involves construction of modern facilities, including laboratory environments for preparation and training of the county’s Olympic teams, as well as development of quality standards to measure and increase the learning outcomes.

    The three regional STEM centres are designed as research environments, which will provide equal access to modern education and STEM thinking of vulnerable groups, as well as to students with various interests in creative industries and applied science.

    The project also involves support to schools all over the country for creation of laboratories, robotics halls and spaces for applied programming, digital workshops and other education spaces providing facilities for experimental work and application of theoretical knowledge into practice at directly at schools.

    Further information about the project can be found via the following links (in Bulgarian language):

    Next Generation EU Recovery and Resilience Plan for Bulgaria: https://www.nextgeneration.bg/1#modal-one
    Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science: https://web.mon.bg/bg/100886
    National STEM Centre under the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science: https://stem.mon.bg/stem-centres/

    Author: camenscic