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    Meet We Teach DATA Partners – Part II

    Meet We Teach DATA Partners – Part II

    The We Teach DATA project joins the efforts of seven organisations that are all directly involved in enhancing of our societies’ knowledge and skills through operation in various domains of the Education Sector – school and tertiary education, continuous training providing, professional literature publication and ICT application.

    Earlier, we introduced you our school partners. Today, it is the turn of the non-school organisations that have joined the initiative.


    • RAABE Bulgaria Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria

    RAABE Bulgaria is the originator and the coordinator of the We Teach DATA project. By initiating the We Teach DATA project we hope to contribute to the enrichment of the STEM curricula both in the partnership countries and throughout the EU.

    Our company has been established in 1996 as a subsidiary of the German holding Klett Lernen und Information GmbH, which is one of the largest suppliers of educational services and resources in Europe with more than 80 companies located in 17 European countries.

    We are proud to state that RAABE Bulgaria is among the most preferred publishers of professional and methodological literature in the education sector at national level. In the recent years we also expanded our company portfolio by offering products for children. RAABE is the largest organisation in Bulgaria which provides continuous training for teachers, school principals and educational experts. Through implementing of EU-funded projects we aim to further contribute to the development and improvement of the education in our country.


    • Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique (UPT), Porto, Portugal

    UPT is a private higher education institution, created in June 1986, located in Porto. UPT is organised across five Departments: 1) Law, 2) Psychology and Education, 3) Tourism, Heritage and Culture, 4) Economy and Management and 5) Science and Technology.

    It is our mission to deliver quality education at the highest standards of excellence in the relevant disciplines, in order to produce fully competent professionals and socially responsible citizens. UPT aims to be a model in higher education, taking advantage of its inter-departmental synergies. In addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge, students have opportunities to develop practical work and research projects and thus expanding a range of skills that will prepare them for jobs in future careers and for life in a competitive global society.

    • Digital Idea, Larisa, Greece

    Digital Idea is a Scientific Association, representing graduates and experts with an established interest in the application and diffusion of new technologies in Education, Health, Culture, Environment, and any other human activity. Our members are professionals in large public and private organisations, university professors and high school teachers.

    We have expertise on Digital Tools and Digital Transformation, Learning by Doing and e-Learning, VR and AR, Robotics and STEM, CAD, CAM and 3D Printing, coding for applications and games, Web Development and Cyber Security. Our community is dedicated to improvement of skills for using and implementing New Technologies to upgrade Education, Health, Culture and Environment as well as promotion and dissemination of Modern Technology Methods in educational processes.


    • EXPOL Pedagogika s.r.o., Bratislava, Slovakia

    EXPOL has been founded in February 1997 and since then is has become one of the largest textbook publishers in the Slovakia. Our portfolio involves more than 2000 titles, textbooks and workbooks designed for primary schools, schools for children with special needs, secondary vocational schools and high schools.

    In line with the latest developments and the trends for digitalisation in the education and training sector, we gradually introduce new approaches which offer flexibility in the teaching and learning processes and straightforward assessment and evaluation. We believe that using of digital tools and resources in education has the potential to improve key competencies, such as critical thinking, IT skills, digital literacy and to increase its attractiveness among students and trainees.

    Author: camenscic