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    The first We Teach DATA joined partnership meeting

    The first We Teach DATA joined partnership meeting

    On January 11, 2023 we have conducted the first joined partnership We Teach DATA project meeting. Representatives of all partners joined the videoconference call – RAABE and “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” Primary School from Bulgaria, EXPOL Pedagogika publisher and Gymnazium Metodova from Slovakia, the Greek partners – Platon school and Digital Idea scientific association and our Portuguese partners from the Porto university – UPT.

    During the meeting, the Coordinator RAABE Bulgaria has acquainted the partners with the structure, goals and the expected results of the project. The consortium colleagues agreed on the channels and means for communication during the project; we also elected the members of the Steering committee and have made a detailed plan of activities to be implemented in the next six months.

    Each of the project Work Packages involves development of a separate product – resources and learning content targeted at students, teachers and trainers. The project results will be disseminated be means of a variety of communication channels – both online (the project website, social media) and in more traditional ways – during meetings with We Teach DATA target group representatives, other stakeholders, as well as our clients, trainees, users, students and parents.

    Through applying of methods for cross-curricula teaching of Data Science at pre-secondary school level (ISCED 2) the We Teach DATA team not only aims at familiarising the students with the basics of analysis, processing and visualising of data, but also strive to facilitate the development of key competencies such as problem solving, information and media literacy, cooperation and teamwork. Within the project framework we expect to impact some 600 students from Bulgaria, Slovakia and Greece. In addition, the project’s priorities involve upgrading of the STEM teachers’ skills and competencies in the application of innovative teaching methods.

    Author: camenscic