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    Do you know that… STEM education can improve your IQ?

    There are many different ways to assess someone’s intelligence quotient, a.k.a. IQ. The most common way is through a standardised test, most popular being those of Mensa. Modern intelligence tests often focus on abilities such as mathematical and reasoning abilities, memory, spatial perception and language comprehension. The capacity to see relationships, solve problems and remember information are important components of intelligence, which are linked to logic and analytical thinking.

    How to become skilled in these areas? STEM education model is one of the answers.

    As you probably are already aware, STEM stays for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This education model emphasises on the 4Cs, that is Creativity, Communication, Critical thinking, and Collaboration.

    STEM learning encourages curiosity, exploration and questioning, which in turn stimulate analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students learn to approach complex problems systematically, developing the ability to find creative solutions, to think outside the box and explore new ways of approaching problems.

    Instead of focusing on each subject independently, STEM concentrates on interdisciplinary learning, which develops memory and skills for discovering of relationships and interlinkages.

    The most interesting aspect of STEM model is that it forced children’s brains to work and learn at the same time. STEM lessons are project-based and often require teamwork, strengthening effective collaboration and communication skills. By learning to work together to achieve common goals students are being literally prepared for the real-world daily routine and work environments.

    STEM education focuses on practical application, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world scenarios, and in this way, it prepares students for the challenges of the ever-changing world.

    Our team believes that We Teach DATA project products will support you and your students to develop their skills and abilities and will ultimately increase their performance in whatever field they choose to develop in the future.

    Author: camenscic