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    Lessons Treasury

    At the start of each academic year the most frequent question one hears at school is “How did you spend your summer?” We hope that you managed to get good rest, to read at least one book, to visit an interesting place and most importantly – to spend wonderful moments with your friends and beloved ones.

    We spent our summer likewise: between holidays, books and travels we enjoyed our time in good company working together on a great job – We Teach DATA School Box. We are not talking here about your lunch box – rather, it is a treasury full of interesting, entertaining, fun and useful learning materials.

    The materials are aimed at teacher who are willing to introduce their students into the world of the Data Science. The digital resources in STEM field, enriched by visuals, graphs, games, quizzes and various individual and team projects will serve your lodestar for teaching of this exiting matter to 5-7 grade students.

    Data is everywhere – in a couple of clicks one can find information starting from how many tons of strawberries are being produced worldwide each year, through the tendencies for increase of the CO2 quantity in the air, to how much healthier are the people living in countries with high happiness index. All these data are very curious, but require certain skills for comprehension, analysing and presentation. The We Teach DATA School Box lessons will help you to teach your students to develop all these important skills.

    ‘Do Mushrooms bite?’, ‘The Real Celebrities – the Stars’, ‘Plant a Tree – Make Yourself Air’, ‘The Chemical Nostradamus’ – these are only a tiny part of the lessons that will be available in the Box. We defined four key themes, but this is only relative, as the interdisciplinary links are a ground feature of STEM education, while in our project they are also linked through the Data Science.

    Same as for you, the summer for our team fled too fast. However, rested and full of energy we continue our work and will show you our School Box treasury in its glory soon. To not miss it, check this website and join our community at Facebook and LinkedIn. We will be very glad to see you!

    Author: camenscic